Nominate A Charity

During each meeting, members will get a chance to pitch a charity.  Three nominations will be chosen from all submissions received via the form below ahead of each meeting. 

When nominating, be prepared to provide a 5 minute presentation at the meeting, explaining why this charity deserves our vote and the $10,000 donation.  There will also be a 5 minute Q&A to follow.

After that, we all vote on which cause to support.  The organization with the most votes then receives all the checks, made out to them on the spot.

Charity Guidelines

  • Must primarily serve Akron-Canton

  • Must have IRS 501(c)3 status in good standing and (preferably) have held for at least a year

  • Must not receive funding from a larger national parent organization

  • Must use 70%+ of donated fund for programs

  • Mission cannot be politically based or exclusionary of a certain race or creed

What about the charities that don't get selected?

Since three charities present at each meeting and only one is selected, the other two are still eligible to be nominated at future meetings. The winning charity is ineligible to present again for a period of two years.

Charity Nomination

Nominations will close March 31, 2019 for the upcoming meeting in April.

Information About The Person Submitting This Nomination
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Remember that you must be a member of 100 Who Care CAK in order to pitch a charity at a meeting.