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Want to make a difference in the Akron/Canton community but don't have the free time or resources to do so? We invite you to join 100 Who Care CAK, and your commitment of $100 will turn into over $10,000 each time we meet!

Here's what you need to know about joining:

Membership Pledge

Each member pledges their commitment to donate $100 per meeting ($300 per year). The donations will go to eligible charitable organizations serving the Akron/Canton area only. No national charities will be considered. The purpose is for the contribution to stay 100% in our the community.


Following the charity nomination presentations at each meeting, the group will vote for one of the three charities presented, by ballot and majority rules. Although it may not be your first choice, you have pledged, as a member of 100 Who Care CAK to still donate.

Membership Application + Pledge

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Cell Phone
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I pledge to donate $100 per meeting ($300 per year).